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EzineUniversity exists to help you become a successful E-Zine Publisher. Several leading online experts share their expertise with you in this educational forum. Take a look around and learn how to start or improve your e-publications. Click here to go to the course directory.

visit_aniX.gif (15098 bytes)The EZU faculty represents the Who's Who in Email Publishing and Internet Marketing. Let these experts help you to succeed with your E-zine.
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Course Outline for EZU

Ezine Publishing Handbook - FREE Ebook New FREE E-Book, "Handbook of E-zine Publishing" - available for download. (1,017K)

The book is compiled with E-ditor Pro. To view the E-Book,you must be running on Windows 95 or Higher as well as have Internet Explorer 4.0 or Greater Installed, so make sure you meet these requirements before you download.

You can take the courses at E-Zine University in any order. However, if you are new to E-zine Publishing, we suggest you start at the top and work your way down the list.

E-ZINES 101:
E-Zines and E-mail Marketing.

E-ZINEZ 201:
Preparation and Research

E-Zines 301: 
Planning and Development

E-Zines 401:
Content Development and Writing

E-Zines 501:
Publishing and Mailing List Management

E-Zines 601:
Marketing and Promoting Your E-Zine

Special "How-To" Section to Help You Develop Your Advertising Copy
  by Dr. Kevin Nunley

E-Zines 701:
Creating Profits With Your E-Zine

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